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Last Updated: July 26, 2014
If you are planning to launch your own website, you will need to consider a web hosting company. A web hosting company will allow you to upload your website onto the internet and claim your piece of online real estate. In fact, the whole process can be a cinch if you choose the right web hosting company.

But choosing the right company can be daunting, even for the most experience internet veterans. Why? The web hosting industry is constantly changing with the influence new competition, new technologies, and new players. So, choosing the right web host can really make or break you and your business.

Fortunately today, there are some really great options for current and new website owners. New companies competing for your business have ramped up the product offerings that come with their basic packages. The result: great savings on products and services that would have cost hundreds of dollars only years ago!

However, determining the best hosting company can be very challenging for anyone. After all, the questions that you want to ask are: how reliable is this company? Am I getting a better than fair deal? How easy will the services be to use once I sign up?

We decided to look at the Top 11 web hosting companies out there and determine which among them are the "Top 3" for most website owners, using some straight forward categories: ease of use, reliability, and value.

In fact, for over six months we used nearly six dozen high traffic websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, among others, to use in our analysis detailed on this blog.

Again, we reviewed the 11 best hosting service companies, using the following criteria:

  • Value - How well did the hosting company deliver on value?
  • Reliability - Was the hosting service reliable?
  • Simplicity - Was the service easy to use?
HostGator Review

Rating 10/10


"The best hosting company, period."

After looking at the Top 11 web hosting companies, we chose Host Gator as our top pick.

In every category and during every encounter, HostGator impressed us. We instantly knew that we were dealing with true professionals and experts here, who found a way to wrap up all the technical and value points customers have been wanting.

First let us consider the value that HostGator delivers to its customers. When it comes to their service offerings, it is really hard to find a company that matches Host Gator. In fact, even their basic plans outmatch their competitors platinum plans. In fact, for as little as $3.96 a month, customers get access to unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth usage, shared SSL certificates for those e-commerce websites, and other tools.

Of course, you can also get business add-ons and other low cost plans that make sense to you, but even these outmatched their competitors. In fact, looking at the strength in their value we thought we would encounter some weaknesses on their backend with reliability of their servers. They proved us wrong. In fact, they handled our wide traffic swings remarkably well. They never went down a single time, which was impressive as several other companies had problems in this category. Though we don't expect anyone to be perfect 100% of the time, Host Gator came through with flying colors. Our upload times were fast, smooth, and always up and running.

With value and reliability under their belt, we wanted to assess their usability. That is, how are they with providing a user interface that easy to use? Can the "Average Joe" website owner access all the tools and product offerings? Is your website easily able to be uploaded in a snap?

Sure enough, HostGator came through again. In fact, we think that others should take note on how to design a truly professional dashboard interface. HostGator invested some time to really listen to what their customer were looking for when it comes to usability.

On another strong note, we spent a few minutes on several occasions with HostGator's customer service and found them to be both knowledgeable and friendly.

While they out-performed others in the categories we selected, we were impressed with their customer service and general feel of working with them. We are confident in highly recommending them as our top pick.

The Verdict: Top Value, very reliable, and very easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10


Highly Recommended

2. GoDaddy

Because of their heavy advertising investments, you have already heard of GoDaddy.

They have been the web hosting industry leader for quite a few years and have pioneered much of the way the web hosting companies interact with customers today.

Let's discuss their strengths. GoDaddy is considered to be an extremely reliable web hosting company. Over the years they have poured millions of dollars into consistently upgrading their web servers to that each website on their network loads fast and without any problems. Here we experienced what we expected, no problems at all during the entire time we used them for our websites.

Their other strength is their usability. GoDaddy simply wrote the book when it comes to user-friendly web applications. Large and simple buttons and graphics make using GoDaddy an effective and smart choice for those who want to easily upload and maintain a website in a snap.

When discussing their value, however, they fell slightly short. Whether there are simply too many competitors offering more services for the buck, GoDaddy simply hasn't responded. Sure, their service are fairly priced. But many of the free add-ons, disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, emails, and other freebies weren't there. For this reason alone is why GoDaddy falls to our second place pick.

Despite that, GoDaddy remains a solid choice as a web hosting solution for people who want a reliable, easy to use network, which is fairly priced.

Rating 8.7/10


Also Recommended

3. BlueHost

BlueHost is our third and final choice in a very competitive web hosting field. Clearly an up-and-comer that you should watch for, Blue Host has lots of room to grow, which means we know they will be around for some time.

To be fair, they offer a value-packed hosting service offering. With plenty of unlimited space, emails, and tools, they have shot their way to the near top.

We also found their web servers to be very reliable, even during the highest peak times. In fact, they out-performed other widely known and more senior companies with faster and more dependable service.

If they make slight improvement with their user-interface and usability, they could be in the running for the Top spot next year. Their control panel just seemed too advanced for those new customers to navigate through.

Despite that, they make a solid choice for the number three top choice among the field.

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